About the music

These CDs consist of music for comprehensive ballet classes to suit all ages. Each CD has between 45 and 60 tracks of inspiring, well-known melodies taken from opera, ballet, popular and classical music, all adapted and arranged to fit and enhance a class.

There are classes for the very young and classes for older children, including music for Pointe Work exercises. Several exercises have slower and faster versions and choice of time-signatures.

Volume 1

Features 45 tracks of well known melodies from 'Tea for Two' to 'Traviata'.

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Volume 2

43 tracks performed on a Steinway Grand piano.

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Volume 3

Music for children’s ballet class 'Overture & Beginners'.

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Volume 4

'Pointes and Variations' covers a complete class for the older child or student.

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Volume 5

56 tracks of music with the last 15 for short dances suitable for festivals and auditions.

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Volume 6

A complete class across 55 tracks with many varied time-signatures.

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Volume 7

Music for Children’s Ballet Class covers two classes for children aged 3-14.

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Volume 8

For children aged 12 upwards and suitable for adults.

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"These CDs are fantastic. The music is truly inspirational and helps my classes enormously!"

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